It’s taken time dear heart.

…. But I still miss him, all the dreams we shared, all the love, everything, I can’t imagine he’s gone“(her)

Time is a healer, let it do its thing, let go and let God. (she said to her)

……….. Then suddenly vikki’s words are coming to pass, it’s slowly fading away. You don’t think of him no more, you don’t care how he’s living it all up. You’re suddenly free, you don’t know what to do with this new freedom. Yo’ smile has changed, back then caffeine was the only damn thing that could restore your common sense but these days you can go a day or two without. Days back you wanted to blur this line because you thought you was too weak, as pissy as It but look at you, there’s some sorta vicious venom that runs through these veins.

Remose, nostalgia, sad quotes, poems and novels have become scrapped off completely. You finally get a grip of yourself, your sinful mouth is all curved with a ghost of a smile as you stride through life. You simply flip the extensions of your hair as you pace with focus. The world’s watching, smiles everywhere, you spark different, your glow never shimmers, everyone wants a piece of you, you become supremely contained, agile and confident in your lead. God knows you’re too stubborn to quit without a fight. Your heart is battling your hurt, you’re winning.


Author: mypoeticrythm

linguist/author/poet/teacher of language.

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